Today, I’m releasing a full-length punk rock album called YAY!.

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A little background

In January of 2015, I released a 3-song EP called Existential Crisis Songs. It was a big deal for me—I hadn’t recorded any music in almost a decade. Inspired by new surroundings (we moved to New Hampshire a month before I started writing “All My Axes Are Exes”) and new influences (this album was heavily inflenced by Beach Slang, Iron Chic, and Mike Krol—all new discoveries in 2014), I set my goals and hit them. First, a song. Then, an EP. Finally, an album. Thanks to all the lovely people who listened to the demos and pretended to care. You are my favorite.

So now what?

A decade-long lack of music is gone. What about the fact that it’s been over fifteen years since I played my own music on a stage? Some people have shown interest in playing with me. But starting a band and playing out? I don’t know if I can fit that in my life right now.

For now, I’ll keep writing. Watch out for album number two.