Find the Way / Half Step

Back in November of 2015, I released my full-length album YAY!. I haven’t done much writing since then, but today I’m releasing two new tracks.

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A little background

I started writing the b-side, “Half Step”, while I was recording YAY! I always assumed it would be on the album, but I could never really finish it. It felt a bit too much like an album closer and I already had one of those. So I cast it aside.

Once the album was released and I wasn’t thinking about where it would fit with the rest of the tracks, I finished it rather quickly (by lifting a guitar part from a song I recorded long ago… don’t tell).

I started working on “Find the Way” in July of 2016 and shared it on SoundCloud in December. Hopefully you forgot about that—if you didn’t then that only means there’s one new song today. This one was written while I was listening heavily to PUP. The gang vocals and feeling of despair are definitely borrowed from PUP, but I could never match the guitar stylings of Steve Sladkowski. Regardless, I think the guitar on this one is pretty good for my modest standards.

I hope you like these tracks—and I hope it doesn’t take me so long to come out with whatever is next…